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Before & After School

Throughout PVSchools, the Community Education Department provides a variety of before and after school options for families to choose from.

Mascot Club

Students enjoy a rich variety of activities that aim to cultivate their talents and interests. Trained and caring staff supervise students as they participate in a variety of activities designed to meet their needs for social interactions, cognitive development, and emotional growth.


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Enrichment programs are tuition-based and offer affordable classes throughout the year. Classes provide opportunities for students in grades K-12 to pursue their interests, expand their abilities and talents, and improve their social skills in an informal, fun, and safe environment.



Tax Credit Classes at Desert Springs

Art Club

Do you LOVE art class? If so, Art Club is for you! Students will explore a variety of art materials and create exciting works of art in this fun club. All art projects will be different from the artworks we create during the regular school day, and are suitable for upper-grade students who enjoy making art.

Homework Club 

Does your student need help with his/her homework? This club provides 60 minutes of supervised and assisted homework time. Students are expected to stay on task during this time.

Running Club

Students learn the fundamentals of running, in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. Students will have an opportunity to represent DSP in a district cross-country race in December. Please note that signing up for this class means you give permission for your child to run off campus to the park or Horizon High School.

Sports Club

Students learn the fundamentals of different sports and activities. Students focus on team sportsmanship and interacting with different levels of ability and ages.

Yearbook Club

Use creativity and photography skills to plan and build this year’s yearbook. Students will make plans to take pictures during school events and create pages for all to remember. Approval by current grade level teacher is required to participate in this club and students are not allowed to miss more than two meetings.

Note: These are just possible classes offered.  Please call the office to get a current list of tax credit classes being offered. Students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a minimum number of student registrations needed for classes to proceed. Confirmation will be sent home once your student is registered. A calendar of class days will be provided upon approval. There are no classes on Early Release days. 

Additional Information about DSPES Before- and After-School Classes:

  • Students are held to the same level of accountability and behavior expectations as during the regular school day. You will be notified of any behavior issues that may occur. On the 3rd documented behavior incident, students will not be allowed to continue in after school classes.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to come prepared with necessary materials/supplies.
  • Parents must park and walk to the front of the school to pick up their child from the teacher at the designated ending time. On the 3rd documented late pick-up, students will not be allowed to continue in after school classes.
  • For safety, attendance will be taken every session.