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Tamara Delia

Tamara Delia


As Principal at Desert Springs Preparatory, Tammy D'Elia assumes a pivotal role in providing visionary leadership and fostering a positive learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. With a rich history in PVSchools as a classroom teacher, teacher site mentor, and assistant principal, coupled with her participation in the district's leadership program, Tammy brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her responsibilities.

Tammy's commitment to excellence in education is further exemplified by her Master degree in Educational Leadership, reflecting her continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth. Her extensive background as a classroom teacher and teacher site mentor showcases her passion for empowering educators and maximizing student potential. Additionally, Tammy's administrative experience in a K-12 self-contained special education school demonstrates her dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for students with diverse needs.

As Principal, Tammy D'Elia is driven to elevate the academic achievements of all students, ensuring their holistic development while fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation among the school community. She is committed to implementing best practices and creating a positive impact on the academic journey of every individual at Desert Springs Preparatory.